Contingency Recruitment

HMR recruits candidates on a “contingency” basis. This means that we only earn our fee if a candidate is hired directly from our efforts. A candidate must complete an employers full interview process, accept the position, and start before a fee is billed. If the position is filled by an ad the client is running, promotion from within, or eliminated, no fee is charged.


HMR tailors each search assignment to the particular providers needs. On the onset of each search assignment, HMR gathers this information and seeks out candidates. Candidates are thoroughly screened for location, skill set, salary expectations, etc. before being submitted to an organization for review. Typically, HMR will only submit a handful of resumes for each position, this saves the hiring manager valuable time of thumbing through countless resumes of unqualified people and pre-screening. We do not run ads to recruit candidates but instead network in the community with people in similar type positions. Often times the best candidates are not the ones that are actively “looking”.


HMR guarantees each placement for a 30 to 60 day period depending on the type of position. If a placement does not last for the guarantee period for whatever reason, HMR will replace the candidate at no cost or refund the fee.